Újfehértó Temple Records

~ Introduction ~

Following is a link to download a GEDCOM database that Paul LINHARDT has placed in the public domain that contains transcribed Újfehértó Temple Records (birth, marriage, death) for the period between 1844 and 1895.

GEDCOM is GEnealogical Data COMmunication, the accepted data format used by most genealogical programs. If you do not have genealogical program that will "import" this file, there are many programs that genealogists use today that are either free or pay for licensed use. JewishGen has a suggested list for your consideration and Cindi's List has a list of free programs. You can also search in Google for "Open Source Genealogy software."

~ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ~

Q. Where does the Újfehértó data come from?

A. Paul LINHARDT discovered that some years ago, the Mormon Church (LDS) went around Hungary and microfilmed church and temple registers for numerous cities and villages. These microfilms can be made available for viewing at any LDS Family History Center (FHS). Basically, if you live in the US and have a Mormon Church in your town you probably can get access to the microfilms for minimal charges. They are also available in some manner via the Hungarian Archives. In regards to Jewish records, the films are not exhaustive in that records from some towns and cities were destroyed in the war or otherwise lost. However, fortunately the records for Újfehértó survived. In fact, there are two different copies of the register that survived. One copy (LDS FHC Film 0642918) includes information on Hebrew names from 1844-1895. The other copy (LDS FHC Film 0642917) is nearly identical except spellings are often corrected or Germanized (this may have been the office Austrian copy of the register). In a few cases, family members have contacted him about corrections to the database. In that case, he noted the source in the comment field of the database. Since data from nearby Bokony and Gesztered were also on the film, he has included it in the database.

Q. Were the records for Bokony and Gesztered in a different register or are the records intermingled?

Paul LINHARDT found that on the Újfehértó Film (LDS FHC Film 0642918), pages 454-527 are devoted to Bokony but listed under Újfehértó. Please note that the LDS microfilm index does not list ANY entry under Jewish records for Bokony even though the records on Bokony are extensive in the Újfehértó film. Particularly useful are pages 454-492 which contain some sort of census information which lists entire families with their birth dates. LDS FHC Film 0642902 has a section on Gesztered (which is listed in the Microfilm index). Gesztered was very close to Bokony and many of the records cover people in Bokony. There is also some census information which may or may not be the same as on the Újfehértó film.

Q. Why did you construct the Újfehértó Database?

A. Paul LINHARDT decided that creating a database would greatly facilitate searching and indexing the data. In some cases it is possible to reconstruct portions of the tree of individual families by putting together various birth/marriage/death records. As the Jewish population of Ujfherto was small (perhaps 500) and most of the Jewish families intermarried, He felt that by stimulating genealogical research in Újfehértó he would surely find people descendent from people who married into his BREUER, GRUNBAUM, KANDEL or GOLDSTEIN families.

Q. How reliable is the data?

A. Paul LINHARDT, in building the database, had to contend with problems like spelling variations in names, bad handwriting or faded entries, obvious errors in the original register, multiple people with the same or similar names, etc. In general, he was cautious in connecting names in the database. If I was 90% sure two entries represented the same person, I would combine the entries. If I was 85% sure, I would simple make two entries reasoning that incomplete data was more useful than corrupted data. In any event, he came to see the database as a guide to the microfilms rather than a replacement to the microfilms. Hence, you can search the database to find entries of interest to you, but that once you locate the names and dates you are interested in you should then consult the original films. Also, the films contain other information which he did not include in the database such as professions, godparents and causes of death because he did not have a reading knowledge of Hungarian.

Q. How did you handle variations in spelling?

A. Paul LINHARDT has been correcting the spellings on some of the names, particularly as some names have multiple spellings even in the same registry entry). However, he felt a little nervous about taking these liberties. For instance, the common spelling "Schwartz" is not used in the registry, but "Scharcz", "Svartz" and "Svarcz" are. In the database, he corrected the name to Schwartz. In some cases where he suspected that two names were variants of the same, he resisted the temptation to connect family branches without more proof.

Q. What if I have corrections?

A. Paul LINHARDT asks if you know of corrections or find this database at all useful in researching your own family, please contact him at the link below. When e-mailing requests for corrections, please make your requests for corrections as clear as possible as he does not have time to sort through complicated genealogies.

Q. What else are you researching?

A. Paul LINHARDT is researching the following families in Újfehértó: BREUER; GRUNBAUM; KANDEL, and GOLDSTEIN. Otherwise, he is researching LINHARDT (Bohemia); BELANZSKY (Nitra); SIMON; MAHLER; MANDELBAUM, and SUSSMAN (Nagyvarad); FISCHMANN (Mezoladany) and SALZBERGER (Munkács).

Click HERE to download the Újfehértó Temple Records

We hope you are able to find your own relatives.

( Unzip the Ufeherto-Temple-Records.zip file to access the Ufeherto-Temple-Records.ged file )

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