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Throughout the towns of Eastern Europe, the return of the descendants of Jewish residents can be a nervous time for a town’s current residents. Concerns about property claims and accusations about complicity with the Nazis and anti-Semitism have the potential to cause tension. It is important to realize that just as there were people who supported and benefited from teh actions of the Nazis, there were those who risked their lives to save their Jewish neighbors. As Holocaust survivors disappear, so too do the heroes who helped surivivors escape certain death during the war.

Past pilgrimages, led by the Association of Stolin and the Vicinity based in Tel Aviv and the David-Horodoker Organization based in Detroit, have brought the descendants of Stoliners back to the region.  These trips honor the memory of Jewish life in Stolin and memorialize family members who were murdered in the Holocaust.  Ties have also been developed with the local government in Stolin; and thanks also to the past efforts of Misha Chernyavsky, bridges of communication and understanding began to be established with the people of Stolin upon which we hope to build ever better relations.