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Stoliner Center Ladies Auxiliary Memorial, New York

photographers: Aaron Housman and Yossel Housman

Beth David Cemetery
300 Elmont Road
Elmont, NY 11003-1600
(516) 328-1300
Section A, Block 2
Chevra Beth Jacob Chasidim Stolin

Erected in 1963 and presented by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Stoliner Center
Monument Committee: Jos. S. WEINER, Sam RUSSMAN, Max KAPLAN
Sunshine Committee: Pauline WEINER, Sylvia COHEN

Monument transcription and translation:

Ladies Auxiliary
Stoliner Center

ליידיעס אקזיליריע
סטאלינער סענטער
אין אנדעקונג
פון אונזערע פאמיליעס אין סטאלין אין אמגעגענד
וואס זעהנען אומגעקומען אויף קדוש השם אין 1942
הזכרת נשמות
סטאלינער רבי הרב הצדיק ר ישראל פערלאוו אין משפחה זצ"ל
In remembrance
of our families in Stolin and the surrounding area
who perished in sanctification of G-d’s name in 1942
Remembering the Souls of
Stoliner Rebbe the Righteous Rabbi Yisrael PERLOV and family of blessed memory
Mordichi – Esther BASHKIN & Family
Yihude – Slote BASKIN & Family
Chaike – Leah BASKIN & Family
Meyer BIERMAN & Family
Yisruel – Rasel BISAMSKY & Family
Naftole – Dina CHAZAN & Family
Dora Juni DORTMUND & Family
Mendel – Nichome Bashe DUBOW & Family
Moishe – Rifke GURSKY & Family
Dovid GURSKY & Family
Hershel – Malke GOLMAN & Family
Moishe – Bas Shewa GLOUBERMAN & Family
Mendel – Mindel GLOUBERMAN & Family
Mordichi – Sorah HOLTZMAN & Family
Kaplan KUSNETS & Family
Moishe – Leah KRAWETS & Family
Meyer Nisen – Bas Shewa KUSNITS & Family
Yisruel Leib KALMAN & Family
Beyiz – Faigil KUTELCHUK & Family
Yankel – Blume LITWIN & Family
Pinchos – Leah MANICHUK & Family
Shoel – Sorah Gitel MILLMAN & Family
Shiah Sucher – Sorah Miryom
MUCHNIK’s Mishpuche
Hershel – Miryom OSOFSKY & Family
Yisruel – Dinah PAKTOR & Family
Yizchok Yankl – Sorah Yente ROCHOTSKY & Family
Perits – Chane ROCHOTSKY & Family
Avruhom Leib – Tema SMOLLER & Family
Sucher – Mashe SHKLAWER & Family
Sucher – Mashe SHKLAWER’s Kinder
Beril – Selde SHKLAWER & Family
Yosel – Tzipe SHKLAWER & Family
Selig – Ester Golde SZPILMAN & Family
Chone – Minke Rochel SAPOSNIK & Family
Avruhom Aron – Toibe SHOOK & Family
Yizchok Wolf – Chashe SHWETZ & Family
Avruhom – Sorah SHIPPER & Family
Avruhom – Esther Fraidel SHAPIRO & Family
Nachman – Esther TURKENITCH & Family
Victor – Leah TALKOVSKY & Family
Aron – Machle WJUNISKI & Family
Sane – Ethel WIONISKI & Family
Necha – Eshka WOLINSKI & Family
Usher – Chane Gitel WASSERMAN & Family

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