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The Stoliner Center

Certificate of Incorporation

The Stoliner Center was founded in 1932 with the objectives of:

a) to foster and develop a close and harmonious kinship among the members of the organization and their immediate families.

b) to develop social activities in order to foster a better and closer spirit of friendship among the members of the organization and their families.

c) to look after the welfare of the members and their families and to assist them in time of need, without compensation from any of the members. Any assistance afforded to the members, or their families, to be voluntarily on the part of the association, and such assistance shall not be of an insurable character, but shall be given of the association's own free will and without compulsion.

d) to buy, own, sell, lease and rent real estate for the purpose of maintaining suitable quarters for the association.

The 12 founding directors of the Stoliner Center were listed as:

  • Harry KAPLAN – 321 E. 178th Street, New York, NY
  • Samuel COHEN – 203 Terrace Place, Brooklyn, NY
  • Aaron FRIEDMAN – 936-48th Street, Brooklyn, NY
  • Harry FRIED – 321 E. 178th Street, Brooklyn, NY
  • Osher SAFER – 164 Broome Street, New York, NY
  • Samuel ROTHSTEIN – 1561 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn, NY
  • Louis WEINSTEIN – 4103-12th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
  • Max KAPLAN – 321 E. 178th Street, New York, NY
  • Louis BLUMENTHAL – 170 Hart Street, Brooklyn, NY
  • Morris PILCHICK – Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY
  • Samuel SHAPIRO – 846 Kelly Street, Bronx, NY
  • Harry KANTROWITZ – 4219-18th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

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Updated 20 December, 2020

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