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List of Tashkent Refugees

During WWII more than one million Jews from the former Soviet Union, including the recently annexed territories of Eastern Poland, Baltic countries, Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina, were evacuated by the Soviet authorities or managed to escape on their own into the Soviet interior before German troops marched into their towns and villages.

A significant group of evacuees, including many Jewish families, arrived in Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan and Turkmenistan) in 1941-1942. The database of the Jewish evacuees and refugees presented below is the first attempt to draw together archival information concerning the fate of Jews in Central Asia during WWII. This database is based on the card catalogue of evacuees stored in the Central State Archives of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent (RG- P-864, Registration and Reference bureau of the Commissariat of Internal Affairs (NKVD) of the Uzbek SSR). The original card catalogue consists of more than 250,000 cards stored in 193 catalogue boxes with a total number of ca. 339,250 evacuees who were registered by the Soviet authorities in February 1942.

This collection is a compilation of the names appearing with Chechelnik as City (gorod) - search "chechel" and "chichel".
For more details and the card images please go to the original collection at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Document List

Doc IdYear DD/MMTypeFond/Opis/Delo/Page/Rec #Translation StatusPersons 
   31942o/2RefugeesCard File Blank, Motol' #-OKBLANK, Motol' 
   41942o/2RefugeesCard File Bliumenshtein, Isak #-OKBLIUMENSHTEIN, Isak 
   51942o/2RefugeesCard File Bliumshtein, Ester #-OKBLIUMSHTEIN, Ester 
   61942o/2RefugeesCard File Bliumshtein, Perlia #-OKBLIUMSHTEIN, Perlia 
   71942o/2RefugeesCard File Burlak, Khaika #-OKBURLAK, Khaika 
   81942o/2RefugeesCard File Burlak, Riva #-OKBURLAK, Riva 
   91942o/2RefugeesCard File Gitis, Fania #-OKGITIS, Fania 
   101942o/2RefugeesCard File Gitis, Mika #-OKGITIS, Mika 
   111942o/2RefugeesCard File Gitis, Shura #-OKGITIS, Shura 
   121942o/2RefugeesCard File Gitis, Tuba #-OKGITIS, Tuba 
   131942o/2RefugeesCard File Goikhenberg, Mikhail #-OKGOIKHENBERG, Mikhail 
   141942o/2RefugeesCard File Goikhenberg, Misha #-OKGOIKHENBERG, Misha 
   151942o/2RefugeesCard File Goitmakher, Ester #-OKGOITMAKHER, Ester 
   161942o/2RefugeesCard File Gorodinskii, Mikhail #-OKGORODINSKII, Mikhail 
   171942o/2RefugeesCard File Kaishtut, Etia #-OKKAISHTUT, Etia 
   181942o/2RefugeesCard File Kats, Anatolii #-OKKATS, Anatolii 
   191942o/2RefugeesCard File Koblik, Etia #-OKKOBLIK, Etia 
   201942o/2RefugeesCard File Krasnova, Khaifet #-OKKRASNOVA, Khaifet 
   211942o/2RefugeesCard File Min'fman, Elizaveta #-OKMIN'FMAN, Elizaveta 
   221942o/2RefugeesCard File Mogilevskii, Khaim #-OKMOGILEVSKII, Khaim 
   271942o/2RefugeesCard File Neiman, Betia #-OKNEIMAN, Betia 
   281942o/2RefugeesCard File Neiman, Mikhail #-OKNEIMAN, Mikhail 
   291942o/2RefugeesCard File Neiman, Shlema #-OKNEIMAN, Shlema 
   301942o/2RefugeesCard File Onshtein, Abram #-OKONSHTEIN, Abram 
   311942o/2RefugeesCard File Onshtein, Rena #-OKONSHTEIN, Rena 
   231942o/2RefugeesCard File Shnaidman, Tepkus #-OKSHNAIDMAN, Tepkus 
   241942o/2RefugeesCard File Vanshtein, Liza #-OKVANSHTEIN, Liza 
   251942o/2RefugeesCard File Vanshtein, Zus' #-OKVANSHTEIN, Zus' 
   261942o/2RefugeesCard File Vilkis, Iosif #-OKVILKIS, Iosif 

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