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Chronology of Jewish Presence in Chechelnik

Note: information varies depending on the sources.
The following table presents the different information (sometimes contradictory) indicating its source.

15th centuryJews first came to Chechelnik area in the late 15th century, when the area was under Polish control5 (Volodya Okhs)
16th centuryChechelnik was founded "as a refuge from Tatars and landlords" in the early 16th century4
17th centuryThe earliest known Jewish community1
1635Chechelnik achieved the status of a town4
1648-49 Effecting the Jewish Community were 1648-49 Khmelnitski Pogrom1
1765J. population was 485. Jews suffered grievously from Cossack and Haidamak attacks on the town.2
1768-1772Pogrom at the time of Barskaya Confederation1
18th centuryJewish cemetery dates from the 18th century. The Jewish Synagogue whose ruins still remains dates from late 18th century. 1,4
1897J. Population was 3,388 (from about 8,000 total)2
1898J. population was 1,967 (from about 7,000 total). Their principal occupation is commerce; but 352 are engaged in various handicrafts, and 96 are journeymen. About 200 Jews earn a livelihood as farm-laborers; and 41 are employed in the local factories. There are no charitable organizations, and poverty among the Jewish inhabitants is general. A private school for boys with 100 pupils, and 23 hadarim with 367 pupils, constitute the Jewish educational institutions of Chechelnik.3
1920Like most of Podolia, the town suffered terribly during the Russian Civil War; during the summer of 1920, "the south of Podolia seethed with counterrevolution... and Olgopol County, where Chechelnik is located, was the most unstable area in all of Podolia."4
10 Dec. 1920The Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector was born in the town, during a pause in the family's journey to escape Russia.4
1920'sA J. council (soviet) and a J. elementary school were established along with a J. kolkhoz.2
before 1939J. population around 4,0005
1939J. population was 1,3272
1939Jewish population (census) was 2,3011
24 July 1941Germans captured the town. 2
1941After its annexation to Transnistria, the Rumanians set up a ghetto there and appointed a Judenrat. The ghetto held 600-800 local Jews and probably over 1,000 from Bessarabia and Bukovina.2
15950475 of the refugees were still there. Many died of desease and from the regime of hard labor under the occupation.2
1991J. population 30 to 405
1994Last know hasidic burial. J. Population range 11-1001
10 Dec. 2002Memorial of Clarice Lispector inaugurated in Chechelnik 

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