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Nathan Barnert

In 1849 Nathan Barnert arrived in the United States, a poor 11-year old. At the age of 20, in 1858, he settled in Paterson. Five years later he married Miriam Philips.

At a time when few Jews lived in Paterson, Barnert, a pious Jew, became one of its most illustrious citizens. As a successful businessman and a respected public figure, at age 45 he was elected mayor and served two terms.

Barnert contributed his salary from all public offices to the sick and underprivileged, donating much of his wealth to establish and support many charities for all races and creeds. He gave generously to the Barnert Memorial Temple, the Miriam Barnert Hebrew Free School, the Nathan and Miriam Barnert Hospital and the Miriam Barnert Home for the Aged.
In 1925, two years before his death, the grateful citizens of Paterson honored the 87-year old Nathan Barnert with an imposing bronze statue. His statue still stands in City Hall Plaza.



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