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Jewish Organizations

As Paterson's Jewish population prospered and became Americanized, its institutions inevitably expanded. A mounting number of soial, recreational, educational, and welfare organizations accompanied the rise of Paterson Jewry. In additon to the "Y" and various landsmanshaften and other fraternal organizations, Girls Clubs, Boys Clubs, lecture groups, debating groups, dancing groups, social service and welfare groups became an important component of Jewish life in Paterson and made a significant impact on the community. Most of these groups are no longer in existence; those that are still functioning, although now no longer in Paterson itself, continue to strengthen the Jewish community's commitment to Jewish identification and values.


A number of "landsmanshaft" organizations were formed in Paterson in the early 20th Century to serve as fraternal centers for immigrants from various East European communities. Among them were the Bialystoker Society, the Lodzer Sick and Benevolent Society, the Independent Lodzer Young Men, the Ozerkover Society, and the Pabianitzer Society. Their common purpose was to aided immigrants' transition from Europe to America by providing social structure and support to immigrants who arrived in the United States without the family networks and practical skills that had sustained them in Europe, to help people in their home towns in Europe, and to provide sick benefits and maintain cemeteries for their members. During a time when individual insurance was either too expensive or unavailable, these landsmanschaften purchased group cemetery plots and later contributed to national Jewish charities and to Israel. They raised funds by sponsoring social functions and journals. [Click here for more information about specific landsmanshaften.]


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The Jewish Federation of North Jersey:

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Jewish Family Service of North Jersey:

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Fraternal Organizations:

National Organizations:

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