Nowy Targ, Poland

This page is for photos of the town of Nowy Targ. More to be added when found or received from others. 

The first row of photos below the maps are of postcards found on a Polish site, and having entered the search for "Nowy Targ." (Thanks to Yoel Hirsch for finding this.)

Below them the photos in this initial selection, are courtesy of Madeleine Isenberg during her very brief visit on a rainy day in November 2013, about 100 years after the postcards images.

Satellite View of eastern part of Nowy Targ.  Large patch of "green" near the crossroads is where the Jewish Cemetery is located.
Crossroads shows intersection of Jana Pawla II Street (= John Paul II) and main road into Nowy Targ proper.  The little patch of green is the Jewish Cemetery

The Rynek = The Marketplace, ca. 1914-1918
 Driving down Szaflarska Street toward Zakopane, 1917.
Nowy Targ's City Hall. photographed, November 13, 2013.  It houses a modest museum. (Compare to postcard above!)
At the time, an exhibit was being held in the museum for its sister city, Kezmarok, Slovakia, on the other side of the Tatra Mountains. 
       ViewFromTownHall_2        PopeVisit
Rainy street view of the Rynek from the City Hall.
Another Street View from city Hall and  on the front wall of City Hall, a commemorative plaque on the occasion of Pope John Paul II's visit to Nowy Targ on 8 June 1979, during his first pilgrimage to Poland.

Manhole Cover
A statue of a girl and her ice cream cone, in the courtyard of the City Hall
Manhole cover with Nowy Targ impressed.

Sally Mizroch traveled to Nowy Targ, at the end of June 2016.  Her photos of the town and surrounding areas can be see on Flickr. One of Sally's photos is that of the "Tatry" kino (movie theater).  This was actually the site of the synagogue, on 17 J. Kazmierski street.   It was badly damaged during WW II, and eventually converted into the kino. 

Tatry Kino

The photos below are probably at the rear of the theater and signs of the former synagogue are discerned from the arches in the wall.

Syn Michael Fass Book 1975 From Youtube video Sally Mizroch's view
Photo taken in 1975, note arches of former synagogue windows on left side. (From p. 328 in the Nowy Targ Book, edited by Michael Walzer-Fass, published in 1979). Same view, taken 2011, captured from a frame in the You-tube video noted on the home page. Same view once again, from one of Sally Mizroch's photos, June 2016.  Note graffiti still there, but faded.

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9 March 2017
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