(Velyki Mezhyrichi)

Korets District, Rivne(Rovno) Province, Ukraine





JewishGen Town Page

This page is the index to information identified by the Ukraine SIG concerning the town.
On a town page you will find:
1. Information about SIG's projects related to the town.
2. Information about datasets/documents available for that town and where you can find them.
3. Categorized links to resources containing information about the town.
All other information, such as pictures, data about people, stories, etc., can be found on the KehilaLinks pages (this site).

JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF)

This page will provide the list of surnames currently being researched in Mezhyrichi and names of researchers.
Search must be done for "MEZHYRICHI"
As of June 9, 2018 there were 80 researchers looking for 131 surnames.
All genealogists are encouraged to participate in the JGFF. There is no charge to search or submit entries to the JewishGen Family Finder.

JewishGen Communities Database

This database contains each community's name in various languages, and political jurisdictions during different time periods.

International Jewish Cemetery Project

There is a page describing cemeteries of Mezhyrichi (Velyki Mezhyrichi) in this project.
Warning: Geographical information and names on this page are totally confusing.
Same place cannot be located 27 mile E of Rovno and 24 miles SSE of the same Rovno! Place called Velikiye (Great) cannot be called Katan (Small)!
The place described in this project is Mezhyrichi(Velyki Mezhyrichi) aka Mezhyrichi Koretskie, and NOT Mezhirichi-Ostrozhskiy and also NOT Mezeritch Katan.
The reasons for this warnings are: 1. Photographs of places known to me; 2. Phone number area code of the town official.

Virtual Shtetl

The "Virtual Shtetl" is devoted to the Jewish history of Poland.
The site provides information on a lot of small towns and big cities, their past and present. It covers both contemporary and pre-war Poland.