(Velyki Mezhyrichi)

Korets District, Rivne(Rovno) Province, Ukraine





Mezhyrichi (Velyki Mezhyrichi) on the Google map:

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Mezhyrichi or Velyki Mezhyrichi (Ukrainian: Великі Межирічі) is a village in the Korets'kyi District (Raion) of the Rivens'ka Oblast, Ukraine. Also known as Mezhyrichi Koretskie. Located 13 miles (21 km) W of Korets, 27 miles (43 km) E of Rivne. About 5 miles (8 km) to the North of Rovno-Korets road.

Not to be confused with:

  • Mezhirechi at 50°18'05"N 26°28'29"E (aka Mezhirichi-Ostrozhskiy, aka Mezeritch Katan) 3 miles (5 km) SW of Ostroh.

  • Międzyrzec Podlaski at 51°59'N 22°47'E in the district of Lublin, in the region of Radzyn, Poland.

  • Mezhyrich or Mezhirich at 49°37'36.8"N 31°25'33.6"E 65 miles (105 km) SE of Kiev in Ukraine

(1) Russian map 1903 comment:
There are two similar names on this map: Mezhyrich (Межиричь) to the left of Korets (КОРЕЦЪ), and Mezhirichi (Межиричи) close to Ostrog (ОСТРОГЪ).
Mezhyrichi (Velyki Mezhirichi) is the one to the left of Korets!