(Velyki Mezhyrichi)

Korets District, Rivne(Rovno) Province, Ukraine



Welcome to the site of Mezhyrichi

This site was created with the following goals in mind:
1. To commemorate the more than 400 years of flourishing Jewish life in Mezhyrichi
2. To serve as a reference point for a lot of the information about Mezhyrichi available online
3. To list the archive holdings relevant to Mezhyrichi
We would be happy to get your opinion on the content and structure of this site and also get any other additional information and stories which may be of interest to those who visit our site.
Thank you,
Arkady Brazin and Ivy Dennet Thorpe
Jewishgen Ukraine SIG Town co-Leaders for Mezhyrichi



Currently known as Velyki Mezhyrichi (Great Mezhyrichi), it has also been referred to as Mezhyrichi Koretskie.

Coordinates: 50°39'24"N, 26°51'53"E or 50.656667, 26.864722


Language Name
Russian Вели́кие Межи́ричи
Ukrainian Великі Межирічі
Polish Międzyrzec Korecki
Yiddish מעזריטש (Meziritch)‎
Hebrew מזריטש גדול (Meziritch Gadol)
German Welyki Meschyritschi


FYI, uses spelling 'MEZHIRICHI' in most cases, but sometimes it uses 'MEZHYRICHI'.