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Lyubar, Ukraine

4955' N /2745' E
205 km WSW of Kyyiv, 47 miles WSW of Zhytomer,
37 miles W of Berdychiv, 17 miles SE of Polonnoye





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Evreiskaia Entsiklopedia (Jewish Encyclopedia) volume 10; pages 421-422, published 1906-1913. Translated from Russian by Boris Feldblum of FAST.

Lyubar - during Kingdom of Poland 1) times was a townlet in the Volhyn voevodstvo 2), Kremenets povet 3). In 1705, a local Jew Pinkhas Shmojlovich told the Kremenets district authorities that all Jews and Catholics escaped from Lyubar with their belongings, as the Cossacks approached; only seven Jews returned by March 173; they had to pay "chopovy and chelyazhny" 4) taxes retroactively to 1699, but by then had no means. The Jews, payers of the soul tax, numbered 405 in 1765 5). The community was also in charge of the Jews of the neighboring Novyj Ostropol' (62 people). - Registry II; Liczba 1765, V.5. At present, it is a townlet in the Volhyn Province, Novograd-Volynsky District. According to the census of 1847, "Lyubar Jewish Community" numbered 3,770 souls. According to the 1897 census, there were 12, 507 residents in Lyubar including 5,435 Jews. There was one Talmud-Torah (school) and one private school for boys in 1910.


1) - Rzecz Pospolita in Polish, or Kingdom of Poland, existed until the partitions of 1772-1795.
2) - wojwodstwo in Polish - administrative unit similar to province, during Rzecz Popolita times.
3) - powiat in Polish or district, during Rzecz Pospolita times.
4) - liquor excise tax (existed in Polish Kingdom; abolished in 1813 by Alexander I) and the tax on household servants.
5) - year of the last Polish census before the partitions, in which the Jews were listed separately.

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