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In Memory of Cigánd's Holocaust Victims


This web site is dedicated to the memory of the Jewish souls of this little-known village, who were murdered in the Holocaust. Collectively, as descendents of the victims and survivors, we owe this task to the coming generations.

Personally, I owe this task to my late father (Laszlo Revai-Róth, Avrohom Yitzchak ben Michael, alav HaShalom), who has patiently collected and documented the names of the Jewish families of Cigand. After the war, he had often visited Cigand and its Jewish cemetery and has done much to ensure that it was kept from disappearing into oblivion.

Being part of the first generation born after the Holocaust, I, like many of my contemporaries, grew up without having known any of my grandparents. Not even from pictures. It was much later, after having defected from Hungary in the early 1970-s, that the first surviving pictures were discovered at family members living in the USA. Those precious few pictures gave me the initial impetus to start researching my roots and building my family tree.

For me, the process of searching, finding and assembling the "missing links", as it were, has been very exciting and rewarding. Lately, having made contact with a few other people with Cigand ancestry, I realized that I wasn't the only one searching. So it should be. We represent a people with an unbroken chain of generations going back all the way...well, to Mount Sinai.

As tragic and monumental the scale of destruction had been in the Holocaust, we are here! And, being here, we must preserve the past and pass it to the generations to come.

On the following pages I wish to share with you recorded information and pictures left to me by my father. It is my hope that other people with Cigand roots will also contribute their respective writings, recollections and/or pictures. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions or any material that you wish to make public on these pages.


                                              Memorial to the victims of WWII (Cigand)              Tomb of Laszlo Revai-Roth (Budapest)


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