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Pictures from my father's collection

I will add additional Cigand pictures from anyone. Please send them to me.

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                             Cigand Synagogue, front. Pre-WWII                                   Cigand Synagogue, back. Pre-WWII



Synagogue no more! Cigand, cca. 1970-s



    Students of the Jewish School with teacher "kis-Roth", cca 1912


              School children, cca 1929


School picture with teacher Dezso Nagy, cca 1930



School picture with teacher Dezso Nagy, 1936  


Cigand Jews at a forced labor camp, called Laplotanya, Hungary, in 1940


...and after the horrors, new lives began!

Kati Dicker, the first Jewish child born after the Holocaust. In the bundles, Steven Varadi. Also present, but yet invisible, Sandor Revai.



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