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Geography - History


Main Street, Nagy Czigand, cca 1910
I have the original of the above post card. It has been written by Paula Sicherman (Gero) to her sister Ella Sicherman (Gross).

Geographical location: Click here to see the details

Current day web site of Cigand: Click here to see (Language: Hungarian)

Book resources:

  1. Czigánd Története 1289-1972 (The History of Czigand 1289-1972)
    ISBN: 963 034 320 7, Published in 1997 (in Hungarian).
    Author: Imre Hajdu
    The above book, among many historical details , contains some information about the Jewish families of Cigand, primarily as listed in the 1869 census data. It also contains a small list of Jewish owned lands, which were confiscated after the deportations.
  2. Vanished communities in Hungary : the history and tragic fate of the Jews in Ujhely and Zemplen County
    ISBN: 091 995 2259, Published in 1986 by the Memorial Book Committee of Willowdale, Ontario. Author: Meir Sas (Szasz)
  3. Zemplén Vármegye Monográfiája, by Dr. Samu Borowszky, 1941.
  4. Fakulo Emlekek Nyomaban (In Pursuit of Fading Memories) by Istvan Nagy, published in 2013 (in Hungarian)
    This publication was created to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the deportations of the Jews of Cigand. Limited number of copies are available for orders from Alex Revai. ( The English translation of this book is available on-line, as part of the Yizkor books collections in JewishGen. Click here to view it.

Map of Zemplén province (megye) in 1910: (Click map for larger image)



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