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Cigand WWII Memorial 



                                                                                    Memorial to the victims of WWII (Cigand) 



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Holocaust Memorial at the Cigand Jewish Cemetery

The inaguration ceremony may be viewed at the following link:


Cigand Jewish Cemetery Photos      (Click thumbnails to view larger images)    


Cigand Jewish cemetery

cca 1960

Cigand Jewish cemetery

cca 1980

Cigand Jewish cemetery

cca 1980

Cigand Jewish cemetery

cca 1980

Cigand Jewish cemetery



Cigand Jewish cemetery



Individual tombstones of Cigand Jews    (Click thumbnails to view larger images)

Some of these are tombstones of Jews, who died prior to the Holocaust, others of those of survivors, who passed away since.


Samuel Sicherman

Photo: Cigand, 1946

Standing next to the stone: Rezso Berger

Aranka Sicherman

(Freund Imrene)

Photo: Budapest, Kozma utca, 2010

Sandor Ecker

Budapest, Kozma utca

Blanka Grosz &

husband Bela Krausz

Budapest, Kozma utca

Standing next to the stone: Laszlo Revai

Adolf Ecker

Budapest, Kozma utca

(Sandor Ecker buried in the same grave)


Paula Sicherman & husband

Adolf Blitz

Photo: Satoraljaujhely, 1993

Aranka & Eugene Varadi (Weinberger)

Photo: Hamilton, ON 2017

Jolan Kron

Budapest, Kozma utca

Standing next to the stone: Sandor Ecker

Salamon Rosenbluth

Photo: Cigand, 1946

Eva Schreiber

(Hirsch Lajosne)

Budapest, Kozma utca

Lina (Liba) Reicher

(Kircz Jozsefne)


You may also wish to search the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) database for a collection of individual (Cigand cemetery) tombstones documented by Lynn Golumbic (a Sicherman family descendent).

Here is a useful link: How to read Hebrew tombstones?

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