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A Shtetl Called Dukla

Dukla is a small town located in the southern part of Poland, at latitude 49° 34´, longitude 21° 41´. Although the town began in Poland, it was part of Galicia (an Imperial Province of the Austrian Empire) from 1776 to 1919. Today the town of Dukla is found in Poland’s Supcarpathian Volvodeship [province], within the powiat [county or district] of Krosno and is part of the gmina [municipality or commune] of Dukla consisting of the Dukla town and villages surrounding it. At the end of the 2020 calendar year, the town of Dukla had a population 2,005 people.

Dukla Map

Dukla’s position on a map of Galicia

Dukla Coat of Arms Fig1         

Dukla Coat of Arms

Dukla Flag

Dukla Town Flag

While a Jewish community no longer exists in present-day Dukla, the memory of Dukla’s former Jewish population is still kept alive, both by Poles within Dukla itself, and also among the descendants of Dukla Jews living around the world.

      At Night

Present-Day Dukla Town Square At Night

From 2000 to 2019, Phyllis Kramer (z”l) developed and maintained this Dukla KehilaLink. Phyllis and her “Team Zmigrod” did a wonderful job documenting and sharing information about this shtetl. Starting in July 2021 Jeff Alexander and Phil Ross are trying to fill Phyllis’s shoes by updating and revising this KehilaLink. Please contact Phil Ross for anything related to Dukla.

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