Tarashcha, Ukraine

Тараща, Yкраïна




Tarashcha is the administrative center of the Taraschanskyi District and is located sixty miles south of Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine.

The town's map coordinates are 49° 34' North Latitude and 30° 30' East Longitude.

Bila Tserkov lies twenty-three miles to the northwest; Boguslav sits seventeen miles to the east. The nearby Ros River circles to the north of Tarashcha and flows into the Dniepr River.

Tarashcha was a Cossack town during the seventeenth century. In 1765 the town had a small Jewish population of 134 people. By the end of the nineteenth century the Jewish population had increased to 4,905 souls, about 44% of the town's total population.

The shtetl of Tarashcha was also a center of the sugar and alcohol industries and had a large wagon industry, as well.

Because of the town's varied ethnic history it is known by different names: Tarascha [Ukrainian], Tarasche [Yiddish], Taraszcza [Polish], Tarasca [Yiddish], and Tarashtcha [German].