Tarashcha, Ukraine

Тараща, Yкраïна


Tarashcha is the administrative center of the Taraschanskyi District and is located sixty miles south of Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine.

Tarashcha's map coordinates are 49° 34' North latitude and 30° 30' East longitude.

Bila Tserkov lies twenty-three miles to the northwest with Boguslav seventeen miles east of Tarashcha. The nearby Ros River circles to the north of Tarashcha and flows into the Dniepr River.

Tarashcha was a Cossack town during the seventeenth century. In 1765 the town had a small Jewish population of 134 people. By the end of the nineteenth century the Jewish population had increased to 4,905 souls, about 44% of the town's total population.

Tarashcha was a center of the sugar and alcohol industries and had a large wagon industry, as well.

Because of the town's varied ethnic history it is known by different names: Tarascha [Ukrainian], Tarasche [Yiddish], Taraszcza [Polish], Tarasca [Yiddish], and Tarashtcha [German].


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