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The Abraham Ain Collection deposited in the YIVO Archives.

Fruma Mohrer, Acting Chief Archivist at YIVO Archives writes that the basic collection description reads:   "Questionnaires filled out by 512 former residents of Swislocz. Correspondence between displaced persons from Swislocz and Ain." The papers are in Yiddish and pertain to the period 1940s to 1950s and and occupy 2 ft.6 in.

Aron Ain, nephew of Abraham Ain has volunteered to share materials from this collection and a description of the six or seven boxes.

Fran Sternberg, a researcher who worked on the Abraham Ain Collection at Yivo writes in answer to my questions:

(1) The topic was suggested to me by the late Dr. Isaiah Trunk sometime in 1977-78, during my first trip to YIVO. In the end, I wound up looking at Wolkowysk as well as Swislocz, basing my primary research on the two extant yizker bikher (one for each town) and the extant year (1934) of VOLKOVISKER LEBN (a weekly Yiddish newspaper published in Wolkowysk but containing news of other shtetlekh in the county, as well). I also came across some landsmanshaft-related material (a banquet program and some financial correspondence).  My main interest was the transformation of shtetl life during the interwar period in Poland, using Swislocz and Wolkowysk as my anchors.

The Abraham Ain article Bert Blevis sent this to us . Notice it is up on the site with the original tables.

Szcupak researchers Don Gretzer, Rusty Lerner, Ralph Lewis, Yaacov Shiff are working together on the Szcupak families of Schiff, Shiff  and Lewis.

Toronto 2002 David Broude, Lucille Broude, Jan Mohr, Lucille Gudis and Nisha Chirnomas met together at the IJGS in Toronto this August.

Sent: Friday, August 09, 2002 11:34 AM

Subject: Svisloch Action Committee

From David Broude:
"It was really terrific meeting you all and spending time with you over the last few days.  Even though we didn't know each other when we arrived, I now feel that we are mishpocha (except that I like you all!!)

Here are the tasks that we agreed to work on:

 1.    Lucille will look into New York landsmanschaften and burial societies.
2.    Nisha Chirnomas and Nancy Goldberg will look into railways and transportation routes out of Svisloch
3.    David Ockene will look into Landsmanshaften in Israel.
4.    David Broude will look into any records in Liverpool that can give lists of Svisloch names (Liverpool being a main centre for Svislochers) I will follow up with the various Boards and Councils and libraries to see if they know of anything, and will keep you updated.
5.    Jen has two jobs.  The first is to try and identify if there are any useful Svisloch records in Volkovysk well as finding every single reference ever made to Svisloch. 

Book Review "Unfinished Journey" by
Cameron Smith.  This is a book about the Lewis (originally Liss or Locz) family who are prominent political figures in Canada.  David Lewis was Canada's representative at the United Nations  This family originated in Swislocz, and the first chapter (which is now on my shelf in Svisloch our "archives") is all about the town.  It was published by Summerhill Press Ltd and the ISBN # is 0-929091-04-3. If your library does not have it, try inter-library loan.

Yiskor Book David Broude of Toronto and Sarah Finkelstein of Tel Aviv have given us the Table of Contents to the second Yiskor Book. Rose Feldman of Tel Aviv (author of the Mscibow web site) has done the scanning of the Hebrew text soon to go up.

Swift Family Richard Halon, Zev Suffot, Abraham Goldberg, Jonathan Swift are sending me information about the Swift, Shviff, Sviff family who are said to be descendants of the Tosofot Yom Tov Lipman Heller.

Passenger List Dotti Wolfe has been transcribing this list. It is a tremendous job as it entails going into the detailed original manifests and finding  both pages. The first page gives the address the passenger is going TO and the second page (when it can be found) gives the last place of residence and the name of the next of kin left in Svisloch.

Abraham Goldberg asks this question: I have a strong research interest in the pattern of emigration from Swislocz to Liverpool, England.  I would appreciate any information on this, particularly names of families and the dates  they emigrated from Swislocz to Liverpool.  Does anyone out there have family who made this move?

My Thanks I am grateful for all your help in getting this web site up. I have lots of unfinished stories from all of you. Hoping that in the coming days, I will be able to work on them.

-Nancy (web coordinator)

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Whether born there or halfway across the world, it was one world to those people who stayed behind and those who left.

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