Svisloch and the Wolkavysk Region

5302' 2406'

154.5 miles WSW of Minsk

Svislotch, Sislevitch, Svislovitz

Also known as Svislotch, and Swislocz

Svisloch, also Swislocz, E. of Bialystok

Southwest of and close to Volkovisk.

Svisloch was in the Svislochskaya volost' (courtesy of Vitaly Charny) 


The Road to Svisloch



Not to be confused with

Svisloch Osipovichi Mogilev Belarus

5326' Longitude: 2859'      66.3 miles ESE of Minsk


Daniel Soyer writes "When there are two towns with the same name, you have to make sure you are dealing with the right one."

1930 Map of Svisloch


More Svisloch Confusions

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