Descendants of Yom Tov Lippman (7943*) Heller

in Svisloch and Mscibow*

Arthur Collier born Salem MA


Generation No. 1

1. YOM TOV LIPPMAN (7943) HELLER son of NATHAN (16318) HALEVI HELLER son of  MOSES (14617) was born 1579, and died 1654 in Krakow. He married RACHEL daughter of MOSES AARON (15245) ASKENAZI and  NECHELE TEOMIN. She died 1655.

According to his own biography and the biographical notes by his son Samuel, he was born in the year 1577 several days after the death of his father Nathan or Nassen. He was raised by his grandfather: Moses Wallerstein Levi Heller in Vienna. At the age of 13 (about 1599/80) he was sent to study in Prague with the MaHaRaL at the MaHaRaL's yeshiva. Next he studied Torah with Rav Jacob Ginsburg in Friedland. At 18 (about 1595) he was appointed a member of the MaHaRaL's judicial court in Prague, a position he held for 27 years. In 1622, he left Prague for Nicholsburg where he served as Rabbi and Chief of the Bet Din. However, after 6 months he was called to serve in Vienna, the capital city of Austria as chief of the Bet Din. The post was considered of major importance in the world wide Jewish community as Vienna at that time was one of the largest existing Jewish communities. In 1627, he was chosen Bet Din of Prague. However, after only 6 months, on 4 Jul 1629, he was imprisoned for 40 days after which he was released penniless. He was forbidden to practice his profession as well. By 1630 the ban was lifted and in 1631, he was asked to take a position in Nimerov. In 1634 he was elected rabbi in Ludmir where he remained for a total of 7 years. In 1641 he became Chief Bet Din and Rav of the Jewish community in Krakow where he died the 6 Elul in 1654. He is buried in the Krakow cemetery along the fence in the area devoted to the poor and the needy.

RACHEL daughter of MOSES AARON (15245) ASKENAZI: Rachel's birth place is assumed because of the position of her father. In 1630, Rachel is mentioned as living by YomTov himself. In 1631, after the wedding of his son Moses, Rachel traveled to Prague to bring the three daughter of theirs who had remained there. One might assume these were Deborah, Nissel and Reizel. In 1631, he left Prague for Lublin with Rachel and his youngest son, Abraham. In 1631, she arranged the marriage of Deborah.


2. i. Daughter of YOM TOV (7943) HELLER. Her name is not mentioned in Lipshutz-Rosenstein but she is the common ancestor to the Collier and Unterman family of Mscibow and Svisloch. She married R. Joel of Brisk son of R. Moses GAD.

 ii. NACHELE daughter of YOMTOV (7943) HALEVI HELLER, b. Bef. 1604; d. October 25, 1632, Vienna, Austria.

 iii. NISSEL daughter of YOM TOV (7943) HELLER, b. Abt. 1606; d. 1639.

iv. SAMUEL (19133) was born about 1609 in Czechoslovakia.  He married  DEBORAH daughter of  MEIR (12968) WAHL; died in  Brest Litovsk, Brest, SW Belarus

In 1625, Samuel the eldest son of Rabbenu HaGoan Morenu HaRav Yom Tov Lippman Heller was a yeshiva student at the Talmudic College of Metzin France headed  Mordecai the son of Moses Luria who was formerly ABD in Worms. He studied there until 1629 when he was called home by his father. He is the author of "Megilas Eiva" in which he writes of the experiences as known to him of his father's imprisonment and the subsequent political moves that lead to the release and re-establishment of his father's position as Chief Bet Din at Nemirov and Ludmir, and finally in Kracow. Samuel was rabbi in Nemirov. 1913

v.  LEVI son of YOM TOV (7943) HELLER of Brest was born about 1610 in Czechoslovakia.  He is referred to as the youngest son in "The Feast and the Fast" by Lipshitz and Rosenstein.

vi. MOSES (14618) son of YOM TOV (7943) HELLER was born about 161 in Czechoslovakia. He married the daughter of BEZELEL (4024) FRIEDLAND, Chief Rabbi of the German Communities.

vii. ABRAHAM son of YOM TOV (7943) HELLER of Prague was born about 1614 in Czechoslovakia. He married ESTHER B. YEHIEL (9167) LURIA born 1631.

viii. REBECCA daughter of YOM TOV (7943) HALEVI HELLER was born about 1616 in  Czechoslovakia. She married  ZVI HIRSCH. She died 1643 in  Krakow

ix. REIZEL daughter of YOM TOV LIPPMAN (7943) HALEVI HELLERws born about 1618 She died 1639.

x. DEBORAH daughter of YOM TOV (7943) HELLER was born about 1620 in  Czechoslovakia  She married  SAMUEL B. JACOB BERENSTEIN.of Prague. She died in  1641.

Generation No. 2

2. The Hebrew biography of the BaCH lists his daughter Rivka as having married R. David HaLevi, the famous author of Turei Zahav (TaZ). This couples daughter married R. Moses GAD whose son was R. Joel.

R. Joel GAD married the eldest daughter of Yom Tov Lipman Heller.  R. Joel  lived in Szerbezcen. He wrote a halachic sefer, Meginay Zahav, which was published in Prague in 1720.

Children of R. Joel of Brisk (Brest-Litovsk) were

6. i. SOLOMAN ZALMAN (18747) born in Brest, SW Belarus

7. ii. LEIB B. JOEL (7819) HAGNDEL

For an extensive discussion of the complete Yom Tov genealogy,  please refer to the bibliography below, posts to digests on JewishGen and Rabbi C.U. Lipshitz, Neil Rosenstein. The Feast and the Fast. 1984.

Generation No. 3

6. SOLOMAN ZALMAN (18747) B. R.YOSELES OF BRISK. was born in Brest Litovsk, SW Belarus He was also known as Zalman Yesselis of Brest Litovsk and known as the great traveler.

bulletChildren of SOLOMAN ZALMAN.  are:

        10. i. daughter of SOLOMAN ZALMAN

        11. ii. ESTHER d. 1748, Altona.

            iii. YEHIEL MICHAL



Child of LEIB B. JOEL (7819) HAGNDEL is:


Generation No. 4

10. daughter of SOLOMAN ZALMAN (18747) married MOSES (14361) OF COPENHAGEN, son of JOSEPH OF PINCHOW ("Rosh Josef") (son of Jacob of Pinchow and a descendant of Jacob Polak) and DEBORAH  daughter of Rabbi Moses (Kremer) of Vilna.

Moses of Copenhagen was the grandson of Moses Kremer of Vilna who died 1688 and if Moses was named for him, this would mean that Moses was born after 1688. Joseph of Pinchov his father, author of "Rosh Josef" was in Kosowi, Russia in 1687 whose Jewish congregation was founded in 1684 by Askenazi Jews from Hamburg. Their first rabbi served in the year 1687.


Children of daughter of (18747) and MOSES COPENHAGEN are:

                i. CHAIM B. MOSES (14361)

        14. ii. JOEL B. MOSES (14361)

        15. iii. daughter of MOSES (14361) OF COPENHAGEN, born about. 1735.

        16. iv. JOSEPH OF LOMZA.

11. ESTHER daughter of SOLOMON ZALMAN (18747) died 1748 in Altona. She married EZEKIEL (9068) son of ABRAHAM (776) B. JACOB KATZENELLENPOGEN. He was born 1668, and died 1749. ESTHER was buried Konigstrasse Cemetery #3072. EZEKIEL (9068) was the author of "Kenesset Yezekiel". He was Chief Rabbi of Hamburg; ABD of of the tri-communities of Altona, Hamburg and Wandsbeck.



    i. DAVID (5020) who died about 1756; he married the daughter of SHOLEM (18148) ZA'K. He was Rabbi and ABD of Keiden

Generation No. 5



Child of JOEL B. MOSES (14361) of COPENHAGEN is:

        i. JACOB

15. daughter of MOSES (14361) of COPENHAGEN was born Abt. 1735. She married MOSES


Child of daughter of COPENHAGEN and MOSES is:

            18. i. FRIEDEL born 1757; died Krynki (Bialystok) Poland.





Child of JOSEPH OF LOMZA is:

            19. i. MOSES OF BREST.

Generation No. 6

18. FRIEDEL was born 1757, and died in Krynki (Bialystok) Poland. She married ELIEZER B. JACOB OF SLONIM about 1770, son of JACOB OF SLONIM. He was born 1747, and died in Amstibava (Grodno) Belarus.He was Rabbi and ABD of Amstibava and author of five book, only one published: Ha Derushim Chemdat Yamim

bulletChildren of FRIEDEL and ELIEZER KALER are:

        i. HIRSH KALER.

        ii. JOSEL KALER.

 21.  iii. ARYEH LEIB KALER, b. 1771. Rabbi in Wolpa. Considered by his father to be the head of the family in 1805.

        iv. BENJAMIN KALER, b. 1778.

22.   v. MIRIAM KALER, b. Abt. 1789; d. Krynki (Bialystok) Poland.

23.   vi. ABRAHAM KALER, b. 1791; d. Bef. 1856. removed to Pruzhany in 1909.

        vii. BEILKE KALER, b. 1792. Married in Svisloch 1909



Child of MOSES OF BREST is:

        24. i. NEHEMIAH

Generation No. 7

21. ARYEH LEIB KALER was born 1771.


Children of ARYEH LEIB KALIR are:

    27. i. daughter of ARYEH LEIBE born about1830.

        ii. YANKEL KALER born 180

        iii. SOSIA KALER born 180

22. MIRIAM KALER was born about 1789, and died in Krynki (Bialystok) Poland. She married ABRAHAM FINK. He was born in Krynki (Bialystok) Poland, and died in Krynki (Bialystok) Poland.



        i. FREIDA FINK, b. 1841.

23. ABRAHAM KALER was born 1791, and died before 1856. He married RIVKE in Pruzhany Belarus.


Child of ABRAHAM KALER and RIVKE is:

        28. i. JACOB KALER.




        29. i. ISSER YEHUDA

R' Isser Yehuda Unterman, second Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel, was born on 14 Nissan 5646 / 1886 in Brest-Litovsk (Brisk), where his father, R' Eliyahu, was a melamed / teacher of children. Among R' Isser Yehuda's ancestors were R' Yom Tov Lipman Heller (1579-1654; author of the Mishnah commentary, Tosefot Yom Tov) and R' Shaul Wahl Katznellenbogen (1540_1616). Legend records that this latter personality was elected King of Poland for a day.

At a young age, the future R' Unterman became known as the "Illui" / "Genius" of Brisk, and, before age 12, he was studying under R' Simcha Zelig Reiger, the famous dayan / judge of his hometown. In 1898, the future Chief Rabbi was invited to become one of the founding students of Yeshiva Anaf Etz Chaim in Maltsch, headed by R' Zalman Sender Kahana_Shapiro. For a time, the young man studied in the Mir Yeshiva, but he later returned to Maltsch. Eventually, the yeshiva in that town came to be headed by R' Shimon Shkop, who R' Unterman considered to be his primary teacher. Following his marriage, R' Unterman studied in the kollel of the Volozhin Yeshiva, which had reopened under the leadership of R' Raphael Shapiro, who ordained R' Unterman.

While R' Unterman was studying in Volozhin, he was invited to open a yeshiva in the neighboring town of Visnhova. The yeshiva was very successful _ even the Chafetz Chaim sent one of his nephews to study there _ but R' Unterman soon developed laryngitis, which ended his regular teaching career. He then began a career in the rabbinate, with his first position being in the town of Mohilna, near Minsk. Later, he moved to the town of Amstibova.

Generation No. 8

27. daughter of ARYEH LEIBE of VOLPE) was born about 1830. She married AARON ZEV ALGASI. He was born about 1830. He was: ABD of Boton and Slonim.


Children of daughter of ARYEH LEIBE of VOLPE and AARON ALGASI are:

          i. HIAM11 ALGASI. On the Slonim tax lists of 1907.

    31. ii. ARYEH LEIB ALGASI, born about 1852; died 1912.

28. JACOB KALER son of ABRAHAM was born about 1820 in Mscibow (Wolkavysk Grodno) Belarus and married Esther Leah in Wolkavysk (Grodno) Belarus


Children of JACOB KALER are:

            i.   Alexander (Eliahu) born 1843

            ii.  Frieda born 1845 married Myer J. Swift of Svisloch.

            iii. Velvel

            iv. Rebecca

            v.  Feivel married Rochel Sczupak of Svisloch

      32. vi. LEIZER father of Arthur Collier above.

           vii. Abraham

           vii. Mendel

29. ISSER YEHUDA was born 1810, and died 1876 in Jerusalem Israel.


Children of ISSER YEHUDA are:

        i. NEHEMIAH MALIN.

    33. ii. JOSEPH UNTERMAN.

Generation No. 9

31. ARYEH LEIB ALGASI was born about 1852, and died 1912. He was ABD of Jandzavia, and was known by the name "Dar Slavier"


Children of ARYEH LEIB ALGASI are:

        i. DOV BERISH. He was ABD of Jandzavia.

        ii. JOSHUA. He was ABD of Osieck, Poland 45 km SE of Warsaw.

32. LEIZER KALER son of JACOB. He immigrated to the United States in 1890 with his family and changed the name to Louis Collier. He was born in Wolkavysk in 1853. Died in Salem MA 1917. He married Mata Hurwitz daughter of Rabbi Isaac Hurwitz of Kovno, Lithuania in 1874 in lived in Wolkavysk (Grodno) Belarus.


Children of LEIZER KALER (Louis Collier and Mata Hurwitz are:

        i.   Isaac (Michael) Collier

        ii.  Harry Collier

        iii. Rebecca Collier

        iv. Fanny

        v.  ARTHUR COLLIER born Salem Massachusetts April 15,1900 died May 4, 1998.






* Numbers taken from "Otzar HaRabanim" Rabbis Encyclopedia  by Nathan Zvi Friedmann, Bnei Brak, Israel.


Source: Private communications with Neil Rosenstein (Rabbi Moses of Copenhagen descendants)


Private correspondence with Alexander Beider (Algazi and Kaler on the 1907, 1912 Tax Lists)


The Feast and the Fast. Rabbi C.U. Lipshitz, Neil Rosenstein 1984.


Encyclopedia Judaica


This page inspired by conversations with Jonathan Swift Svisloch researcher.


Notes from Abraham S. Goldberg

The page about Tosfot YomTov descendants particularly interested me
as we also have such a tradition via our Swislocz roots.  You have a
relatively large piece about the late Rabbi I Y Unterman, whom I knew
as he had been Rabbi of my hometown Liverpool.  You do not mention
his having been Rabbi of Liverpool nor, more importantly, Chief Rabbi
of Tel Aviv and, eventually, Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel.  I was
interested to note that he was born in Brisk (I had long forgotten
much of his biography), the city where generations of Malins were
Rabbis.  (The Rabbi I Y Malin you mention had a grandson named after
him who was also a major Rabbi in Brisk and perished during the
Holocaust.  His son, Rabbi Nechemia, is an elderly Rabbi here in
Jerusalem and head of the family network of Yeshiva institutions. The
similar names between Rabbis Malin and Unterman - and both claiming
descent from Rabbi Heller - always indicated a relationship between
the two families, but I have never seen it clearly defined. 


Notes from Sarah Finkelstein

Avigdor Brazinski's brother Yosef was married to Miriam (Mirze) Finkelshtein in Israel (correct name  Barezniski or Berezniski. The Bereznizki  family descends from Yom-Tov Lipman Heller, known as Baal Tosfot Yom Tov.  This is his commentary  name to the Mishna. The Berezniski  family was also related to the Bernshtein family from Amstibava. They were cousins. More information on the Bernshtein family can be found at the Shtetlinks site for Mscibow.


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