Niš, Serbia

Ниш, Србиjа

Nisch [German], Niş [Turkish], Naissos [Greek]

Lat: 43° 19´ N, Long: 21° 54´ E

Eshkenazi Family
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The family of Emil Lewinger's second great-grandfather, Nissim Eshkenazy, is in the 1895 census (see below).

Emil is familiar with the history of one of Nissim's sons, his great-grandfather Mika Haim. However, he could not
find information about the other members of the family. Nor could Emil learn where Nissim and his wife are buried.

There is a Nissim Eskenazy in Belgrade Cemetery, but no data about him is available. There is no information about
this family in other places in Yugoslavia before this census.

No connection can be made between this family and Niš; they may very well have come from Bulgaria or Thesaloniki.

Here are the Eshkenazi families (probably in 1895):

  • Nisim Eškenazi household head age 56
  • Mazal second wife age 45
  • Menahem son age 22
  • Haim son age 20
  • Vintura daughter age 18
  • Mazal daughter (by first wife) age 15
  • Ester daughter age 13
  • Malkuna daughter age 5

  • Avram N Eškenazi household head age 24
  • Ester wife age 24
  • Bukas mother age 40
  • Jozef brother age 15

1895 Census

Leon Eshkenazi
1884 – 1941
born in Niš
son of
husband of
Vida Alkalaj

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