Alternate names and spellings: Mikulov (Czech), Nikolsburg (German), Nikolov, Svati Mukulow, Nicolsburg, Nikolspurk, Nicolspurk

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Nikolsburg, strategically situated half way between the Habsburg imperial capital of Vienna and the main Moravian city of Brünn, lay just inside Moravia on a major trading route. When Czechoslovakia became independent following WWI Nikolsburg was renamed Mikulov. Jewish life here reached a peak in the early 19th century, outshining other towns in Moravia. Jews benefitted from the relatively benign regime of the Prince von Dietrichstein family, and a thriving community developed on the western slopes of the imposing hill on which stood the princely palace. Nikolsburg, the seat of the Moravian Chief Rabbi, had a well-known Yeshiva, many synagogues and a large graveyard in which many of the famous rabbis of Moravia are buried. Mikulov was part of the Sudetenland which was handed over to Hitler by the appeasers at Munich in 1938. Those who didn't escape died in the concentration camps.


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