Ghetto streets and backways

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The Hauptgasse (main street of the ghetto), looking up towards the Brünner Gate, with the Rabbi's house with its corner arcade on the left, in a photo from the 1930s (provided by John Schaffa).
Looking up the Tempelgasse to the Altschul Synagoge (at the end of the lane) with the Neuschul on the corner on the left. This whole areas has now been demolished. Photo from an old postcard (provided by Martin Perl).
Alleeplatz, the lowest part of the ghetto, bordering on the Judengarten. It was demolished and replaced by modern apartments after WW2. Photo from an old postcard (provided by Martin Perl).
A detail of the Jewish ghetto pre-1938, recalling the cramped conditions still prevalent (this and following photos provided by William Teltscher).

Three views of the Judengarten quarter:

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