Historical and ritual objects from the Jewish Museum

These objects originally belonged to the Jewish community or were in the possession of the many synagogues and institutions of learning in Nikolsburg. As the importance of the town faded, they were gathered together and eventually put on display in the Central Jewish Museum for Moravia-Silesia which opened in Nikolsburg in 1936. After the occupation of the town by the Nazis, the contents of the museum were confiscated for an "ethnological" museum which the Nazis hoped to set up as part of their "final solution". As a result they were not destroyed, and after the war they were collected together in the Jewish Museum in Prague, where they remain today. Photos courtesy of William Teltscher.

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Former Jewish Museum showing reconstructed talmud study room Chevra kadisha vessels
Chevra kadisha jugs Chevra kadisha jug (detail)
Exterior of former Jewish Museum in Nikolsburg, with neighbouring former beth-ha-midrash. Prince Dietrichstein's patent for Nikolsburg Jewry

Ritual objects:

Menora Torah shield, crown, finials, candelabra Rabbi Lw's cup

Baroque torah curtains:

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