From Nagymegyer to Givatayim: Survival and Revival
  1. My Father

  2. My Father and Mother

  3. Elementary School and Teachers

  4. Bar Mitzvah and Bratislava

  5. Bratislava Sered

  6. The Horthy Regime in Nagymegyer

  7. Mechanic and Secretary

  8. Zionism for Emigration

  9. Youth Movement and Milk Transport on Wheels

  10. Budapest

  11. Kitchen and Apprentice Home

  12. The Zoldmali Home

  13. The Forced Labor Service

  14. Military Course and German Invasion

  15. Deserted and Disappointed

  16. Fateful Day

  17. Escape Glass House and Rescue of People

  18. Wekerly Street Liberation and Reconstruction

  19. Ilosvai Road

  20. Bucharest and Aliyah

  21. Ruhama

  22. Hassela

  23. Yehi Am and the November 29 UN Resolution

  24. Epilogue

  25. Acknowledgments

Yehoshua Weiss, the Author
Yehoshua Weiss, the author, was born in Nagymegyer (now Vel'ký Meder, Slovakia) in 1922. He currently lives in Givatayim, Israel. If you wish to provide information for the Vel'ký Meder shtetl page or discuss his memoir, please contact him via e-mail at or call him in Israel at 972 3 7311103.

This memoir is a revised and expanded version of the memoir of Yehoshua Weiss, originally printed in installments in the Hungarian monthly magazine of the Komaromi Jewish Community, Hitkozsegi Hirado and subsequently published, also in Hungarian, at