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Memoirs and Stories

  1. Old Time Memoirs and Stories

    1. Kalman Aharoni (A Short History of My Life)
       English - Hebrew

    2.  Dr. Burba (An eye-witness to the Holocaust)

    3.  Bella Rosenberg née Gurevitz (memoirs on her youth)

    4.  Wolf Rabinowitz (1928 Mazeikiai Movie at YouTube)

    5.  Israel Lempert Interview (Centropa interview)

  2. 'Roots' Trips and Stories (Roots in Hebrew: Shorashim)

    1.  Ravinsky - Return to Lithuania ~ Return to Mazeikiai

    2.  Kahana Trip to Mazeikiai in 2003

    3.  Eilati (Kaplan) To Mazheik, July 2005

    4.  Kahana trip to Mazeikiai in 2003 -YouTube movie (minutes 0:00 to 04:30) and nearby Vieksniai (minutes 04:30 - 05:10).

  3. Guide to Jewish sites in Mazheik and vicinity (under construction)

    1.  How to Reach the Old Jewish Cemetery & Site of the Holocaust Memorial & Mass Grave



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