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How to Reach the Old Jewish Cemetery and Site of the Holocaust Memorial and Mass Graves


a.    Take Road no. 164 (a.k.a Sedos g.) southwards from center of Mazheik in the direction of Telsiai


b.    After passing Mazeikiai Central Stadium (at your left) the road runs through a wood towards the bridge over the Venta river





c.     Driving on Road 164 along the wood, look for a narrow path diverging to the left (southwards) from the road. It is several hundred meters before the bridge over the Venta river. Look for the black sign: Zydu genocide… (see picture at the right)

Source: Google Street View



Image courtesy Shalom Eilati



d.    Drive along the path until you reach a small clearing. You have reached your destination


e.    At your right side you can see a stone monument standing in front of a low fence surrounding the old Jewish cemetery. A few remainders of gravestones are still observable.



Image courtesy Raymond Ravinsky


f.     At the end of the clearing, behind a fence made of brick pillars and metallic mesh, you can see the mass murder pits, surrounded by low rectangular brick frames. 



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