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Research: Projects, Documents and Databases

          1. The Kremenets Translation Projects 

    Document Acquisitions and Status (Excel)

2. DNA Testing Project (pdf)

3. Indexed Concordance of Personal Names and Town Names

4. Transliteration & Translation Guides

5. Vital Records Translations

6. Yizkor Book Translations

7. Kremenets District Jewish Cemeteries Project (KJCP)

8. Central Archives Document Translations.

9. Polish Business Directory Translations

10. Polish Declarations of Friendship (US Library of Congress)

11. Slownik Geograficzny: Entries for Vishnevets, Shumskoye, Oleksinets, Kremenets

12. 1747 Blood Libel Case, Polish & English, with Index

13. 1783 Kremenets Census

14. Magnate ownership of Kremenets District towns

15. Name Extractions from Magnate and Kahal Documents (Krakow Archives, August-September 2004)

16. Sefer haPrenumerantn, by Berl Kagan for Kremenets-area towns

17. Vsia Rossiya (1895 & 1902) for Kremenets District towns from US Library of Congress

18. Ellis Island Database Extractions for Kremenets District towns

19. Alien Registration (US) Documents for Kremenets District towns

20. YIVO Archives Index to holdings relating to Kremenets District towns

21. Polish Aliyah Passports for Kremenets District towns

22. Kremenets Landsmanshaftn, Extracts from NY Incorporation Papers

23. NYC-Kremenitzer Volyner Society submitted by Norm Kagan

24. Kremenets-Buenos Aires YB Necrology

25. Lanovtsy, List of Homeowners, about 1941

26. Memorial Album

27. Holocaust-Era Documents & Databases



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