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Welcome to the Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP!

A Special Slideshow for our Kremenets District Friends! (click here)

What is the Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP?

Welcome to the Kremenets Shtetl CO-OPs website. We formed the CO-OP in August 2000, following the IAJGS Conference in Salt Lake City. We are part of Jewish Records Indexing Poland (JRI-Poland). Originally, our purpose was to translate and make publicly available the vital records (birth, marriage, and death records) that the Mormons had recently microfilmed. Those microfilms cover most of the years from 1870 through 1907. They contain about 15,000 vital records. The records are in Russian and Hebrew/Yiddish cursive writing. The left side of each ledger page is in Russian. The right side presents the same data (sometimes with additional information) in Hebrew/Yiddish. Some years are incomplete or missing. There are about 5,000 pages in each language! Unfortunately, there are no index pages for these records, which makes our translation project even more important. The CO-OP posts English language indexes to the records on-line in the Jewish Records Indexing Poland database. continue reading...

A Message from the Past

A letter to the Children and Grandchildren of the Kremenetzer "Landsmen" wherever they are. Click here to read...

"How to locate your family names in our translated documents"

The Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP translates vital records (1870-1903), Yizkor Books, Cemetery gravestones, and many, many more documents. When a translation is completed, we add all personal names, town names, and source document information to our "Indexed Concordance of Personal Names and Town Names". Start your search in this document. Be sure to read the Introduction section first. It tells you how to use the Concordance, identifies the source document abbreviations, and tells you how to access the source document. Each document is available as an Excel spreadsheet and also as a pdf file (for those of you who do not use Excel).




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