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Kremenets District Jewish Cemeteries Project (KJCP)

JOWBR description of Kremenets Cemeteries (When the JOWBR page appears, please scroll down to Kremenets)
Grant application 2006 (pdf)
KJCP Trip Report, September 2006 (Word) (pdf)
KJCP Progress Report, February 2007 (pdf)
Chris Cleere's report on his visit to the Cemetery, May 2007 (pdf)
KJCP Update Report, August 2007 (pdf)
Professor Kucheryavyi's Interim Report, March 2007



Pochayev Burial Register, Har Jehuda Jewish Cemetery, Upper Darby, PA (Word) (pdf)

Data for 83 burials in the Pochayev Voliner Aid Society section of the Har Jehuda Cemetery. Data obtained and contributed by Lisa Brahin Weinblatt for KDRG.

Har Jehuda Jewish Cemetery Plot Map

Montefiore Jewish Cemetery (Queens, NY) Plot Map and Burials List

Plot Map --- Burials, alphabetic list


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