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Samuil Labarsky

Samuil Lubarsky


Lubarsky was born in Aleksandria, Kherson Gubernia, Ukraine in 1878. He attended the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, where he studied Agronomy. After graduating in 1907, he taught at the Jewish Agricultural School in Novo-Poltavka.

Fifteen years later, Lubarsky became the Moscow Deputy Director of Agro-Joint, an organization that provided financial and technical help to the Jewish Agricultural Settlement Project in the Soviet Union. Agro-Joint played such a significant role in the establishment of the resettlement program, that it often rivaled the Soviet State. This may have been the source of the Soviet State's animosity toward the Agro-Joint and its members.

Lubarsky was arrested by the NKVD, convicted of spying for Germany as well as for the United States. He was also charged with plotting to assassinate Soviet leaders. After a "laughably" brief trial lasting just a few minutes, without council and without

witnesses, he was sentenced to death. The sentence was carried out the same day – 1 September 1938. Samuil Lubarsky left behind a daughter and a son, Lea and Abram; his wife, Zinaida Iosovna Boguslavskaia, had been murdered in a pogrom in December 1918.

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There is also the following article by M. Beizer, "Samuil Lubarsky: Portrait of an Outstanding Agronomist," East European Jewish Affairs, Vol. 34, # 1, summer 2004, pp. 91-103.

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