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Ministry of Governmental Properties

Permits to Collect Donations

Erection of Synagogues


1842 – 1843

Courtesy of Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People

The documents in this record group (HM 2/9024.44) contain letters pertaining to requests to allow selected residents of several newly created colonies to travel to other provinces for the purpose of soliciting donations from Jews for the construction of synagogues and houses of worship.

The new colonies, founded in 1841, are L'vovaya, Novyj Berislavl, Novopoltavka, Romanovka, and Malaya Sejdemenukha. Three Jews were chosen from each of these colonies, fifteen Jews in total (see the table below). The chosen had to obtain travel permits, good for six months, in order to go on their quest.

The police of each province where the chosen Jews

would be traveling were to be notified of their presence in order to ensure their safety and the safety of the donations.

The colonies were responsible for the honesty of the collectors. The Jews chosen to collect the donations had to maintain accurate records. Moreover, they were forbidden to spend the collected donations in a frivolous manner; they were provided with a travel allowance.

The number of synagogues permitted to be built in each colony was a function of the number of houses in each colony.

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Kherson Gubernia – 1843
Colony Surname Given Name
Lvov Lapidus Levin
Kurzan Benjamin
Sholomzon Khatskel
Novy Berislav Gotlib Simon
Bari Khaim
Geymanso Yakub
Novopoltavka Gyemanson Girsh
Yakubson Mejer
Vulverson Gosel
Romanovskaya Palchik Movsha
Kuklinsky Movsha
Palchik Khaim
Perlov Gosel
Tsvik Berko
Magrachev Lazar

14 July 1842
24 Aug 1842
26 July 1843
30 June 1843
2 Aug 1843
14 Aug 1843
19 Aug 1843
5 Sep 1843
24 Oct 1843
16 Nov 1843
3 Dec 1843

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