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Mordechai Golinkin

Mordechai Golinkin


The Jewish Agricultural Colony of Izlyuchistaya (Izluchistoye), Kherson Gubernia, located 107 kilometers southwest of Dnepropetrovsk, was the birthplace of Mordechai Golinkin on 21 March 1875. Mordechai's family was only one of about fifty-three families in the colony. At the young age of ten, he was singing hymns in the synagogue choir.

Pursuing his musical talent, Mordechai attended the Warsaw State Conservatory from 1891 to 1896, where he earned a degree in composition. On completing his studies, Golinkin returned to Russia, where he devoted his efforts to opera, a specialty for which he had a particular interest. While pursuing his musical career, Golinkin also devoted himself to Zionism, which he had to do surreptitiously because the Russian Government persecuted Zionists.

Golinkin became an assistant choir leader, an orchestral conductor and, eventually, the chief conductor at the Opera Mariánské Petersburg.

However, his religion was a disability in Russia that precluded him from conducting at the Czar's Royal Marinskaya Opera in Petrograd.

A project close to Mordechai Golinkin's heart was the establishment of Opera in Palestine and the cultural revival of the Jewish People. In 1917, Golinkin wrote an essay – Citadel of Art in Palestine – developing this idea. It would be a six- year wait, however, before he arrived in Palestine on 6 June 1923; his goal: the creation of an original Hebrew Opera.

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