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Location of Archives

Miriam Weiner, creator of the rtrfoundation.org, has provided the location of the different archives
together with an inventory of the records held in each archive.

You'll find the detail of the different locations and their contents at the Routes to Roots Foundation
(write Kherson in the Town Name textbox and press Search)

State Archives of Kherson Oblast

This archive is located at 3 Radianska Street in Kherson, 73003
Tel/FAX: +380 (552) 22-58-95, 22-57-33, 22-43-74, 26-69-66
E-mail: mail@kherson.archives.gov.ua
Web: kherson.archives.gov.ua

Among the records contained in the archive, in addition to vital records, census, and tax records are:
photographs; records relating to Kherson landowners and merchants; land regulation for Jewish settlers
(1850-1851); information about famines in 1921 -1947; and records concerning the Nazi occupation.

Contents of Kamenets-Podolskiy City-State Archives

Most records were destroyed in a 2003 fire. Those records that survived the fire have been transferred
to the Khmelnitskiy Oblast Archives.

Contents of Moldova National Archive

This archive is located in the city of Kishinev.
The records archived here pertain to Kherson army recruits.

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