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This section is dedicated to all the people who made and continue to make this site possible:

To all the donors who have contributed to the acquisition of new fonds.

Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) Document Acquisition & Translation

Fundraising Project for Document Acquisition for Kherson, Novopoltavka, & Beryslav

To all the people who have offered suggestions to improve the site
To all the visitors who keep this site ongoing
A very big THANK YOU !!!

Many thanks for the efforts of the translators:
Pavel Bernshtam, Dan Downey, Yana Golubitskiy, Pamela Lucas,
Yakov Pasik, Bena Shklyanoy, & Dov Solenchyk

A special thanks goes to Janette Silverman for her incredible knowledge,
help, and support in preparing the Courland-Kherson Relocation

Charles & Sylvia Walowitz
Kherson Kehilalink Webmasters
Ukraine SIG Kherson Town Leaders

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