Meed Registry

Benjamin and Vladka Meed

Registry of Jewish Holocaust Survivors

The Registry of Holocaust Survivors is a computer database listing of 100,000 names of Holocaust survivors that is now managed by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM). Most of the people listed in the Registry immigrated to the United States or Canada after the war. The Registry includes the names of survivors who have since passed away.

 You can use the Registry to obtain basic information about survivors, including information about a survivor's prewar and wartime history, and sometimes even a photograph. The Registry can be searched during a visit to the USHMM. The USHMM will also answer written queries.

 The USHMM also encourages you to help them to document survivors who are not yet registered.

 Following is a list of names from the Registry of survivors who were either born in or who lived in Horodenka just prior to the war. This list comes from the 1996 published edition of the Registry index. Names in parentheses () are previous names, maiden names, or aliases. See the cross-reference in the Registry for current names.

 (Pola Blatt)
Lisa Feilhardt
Leon Fettner
(Nachman Fettner)
Pola Fox
Molly Glickman
David Hausknecht
Henry Koch
(Hesio Koch)
(Malcia Spierer Koch)
(Rena Koch)

(Liba Ladenheim)
Marvin Margulies
(Moishe Margulies)
Rose Diener Margulies
Esther Max
Ben Rum
(Buzio Rum)
Renee Koch Schiller
Tosia Schneider
Solomon Spierer

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