Żółkiewka, Poland

District Krasnystaw, Province of Lublin

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Żółkiewka Memories and Stories


Life in Żółkiewka Pre WW2 | Visits to Żółkiewka


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Life in Żółkiewka Pre-WW2


Excerpts from the book "From Żółkiewka to Israel" / by Chaim Zylberklang

(For more details about the book see "Further Research" section in this site)


Summary of an interview with Nathan Irland (Finkelstein) / by Yad Vashem

(The interview was taped in Hebrew and translated in part by Morris Gradel z"l and in part by Tamar Amit)

Nathan Irland (Finkelstein) was born in Żółkiewka in 1919 and died in Israel in 2007


The Prodigal Daughter -
An article in the Jerusalem Post on
Esta Lefton nee Gutman born in Żółkiewka / by Daniel K. Eisenbud


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Visits to Żółkiewka


Walking Forward to the Past / by Jim Haberman




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