Żółkiewka, Poland

District Krasnystaw, Province of Lublin

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Also known as:

Zolkiewka or Żółkiewka-Osada (Polish), ' (Yiddish/Hebrew), ' (Yiddish/Hebrew), Zholkevka (Yiddish), Жулкевка or Zhulkyevka (Russian) and also Zhilkovke, Zholkevke, Zhulkiewka, Zilkevke, Zolkevka

Description: Zolkiewka COA 120PX-~1.PNGŻółkiewka is a rural market village and the seat of the Żółkiewka commune in Krasnystaw district, Lublin province.
Additional information on the administrative location of
Żółkiewka thru history as well as some explanations of the geographic hierarchy can be found in the Żółkiewka through History section.

The commune has three rivers flowing thru: Żółkiewka, Giełczew and Łętownia. The soils are very fertile and therefore used mainly for agriculture.
In the past, vast forests were to be found all around but in these days and the need for farm lands only some remain.

Żółkiewka is in South East Poland. It is approximately 54 kms/34 miles SE of Lublin, 40 kms/34 miles NW of Zamość, 28 kms/17 miles WSW of Krasnystaw in the Lublin Province around the intersection of Polish roads number 842 and 837 (Lublin-Zamość and Krasnik-Krasnystaw). The coordinates are: Latitude 5414, Longitude 2331 (50 54′ 40″ N, 22 50′ 3″ E) or N50, 909744 E22, 834330. Additional information on of this kind can be found in the Location & Maps section.


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On this page you can find some basic information about Żółkiewka and links to the rest of the site

Location & Maps | Żółkiewka through History | Jewish Żółkiewka| Research Resources | Pictures & Videos | Names from Żółkiewka | Memoirs & Family Stories

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Location & Maps

In this part of the Shtetl site you can find information relating to the location of Żółkiewka within Poland and different maps from different periods showing the area in general and Żółkiewka specifically

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Żółkiewka through History

In this part of the Shtetl site you can find information relating to the history of Żółkiewka: a Timeline, Historical Record Locations, Geographical affiliation

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Jewish Żółkiewka

In this part of the Shtetl site you can find information relating to the specifics of a Jewish community: Daily Life, Trade & Crafts, Institutions & Organizations, Education, Community during the 2nd World War and After the War

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Resources for Research in and about Żółkiewka

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Pictures & Videos

In this part of the Shtetl site you can find pictures and videos of Żółkiewka. These are categorized according to the following:

Żółkiewka today  the village, the market, the streets & roads of the countryside

Once there was a Shtetl  Jewish related sites in Żółkiewka

Old pictures from Żółkiewka  "before the War"

Our Families of Żółkiewka  We remember

Żółkiewka Revisited  pictures of us and our families revisiting Żółkiewka

Bold lines are active - Work in progress

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Names from the Jewish Community

In this part of the Shtetl site you can find surnames and some given names from a variety of sources:
Surnames from JRI-Poland, List of Jewish households in 1930's, Names from book by Chaim Zylberklang, Business Directories, and Righteous Gentiles

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Memoirs & Family Stories

Here you can find memories from pre-war Żółkiewka, visit summaries and other memoirs and stories

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How This Site Came to Be
(how am I connected)

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Get involved, Make a difference!

You can get involved in at least two different ways:

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Memoirs & Family Stories

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Memoirs and Family Stories

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How This Site Came to Be

Pictures & Videos

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Names from Żółkiewka


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