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Zhabokrich, Ukraine

Жабокрич, Yкраïна



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People who once lived in Zhabokrych have written articles and books, and have created oral histories, of their lives in that village. Few records from residents exist; these histories, then, are a prime source of information about life in the "old country". I would be grateful to receive letters or memoirs, for inclusion on this kehilalink, that were written by your Zhabokrych ancestors. Contact me, Marla Waltman, at

The USHMM holds a number of oral histories by Jews with a connection to Zhabokrych. Here are links to several of these Zhabokrych histories:

Manya Brodeski-Teitelman
Manya, a Holocaust survivor and an only child, was born in Zabokrych in 1932.
Manya and her father survived in the town's ghetto from July 1941 until liberation.

Jerusalem Post Article: Illuminating the Memory of the Six Million Who Perished

You Tube Video: Holocaust Survivor Testimony (in Yiddish)

Emanuel Garber
Mr. Garber recounts his life in Zhabokrych, where he was born.
His book, Fragile Jewish Existence: a Ukrainian Childhood's Recollection of the Holocaust,
was published by Seagull Press in January 2005. Copies of the book can be found in six libraries.

Jonathan R. Herman
Mr. Herman's grandmother, Anna Miriam Oxengoren, was born in Zhabokrych in 1905. The Harvard Divinity Bulletin enthralling article, A Picture Worth a Thousand Tears: How a Single Photograph Healed a Jewish Family recounts his grandmother's life in Zhabokrych and her search, after World
War II, for answers about the fate of her mother.

Sabina Spektor
Sabina Spektor grew up in Kryzhopil, a town to the west of Zhabokrych. In June 1941, Sabina and her family were evacuated to Zhabokrych in order to escape the approaching German Army. Sabina's oral history was made on 26 February 1992 at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Dora Kravchek Waltman
The Reminiscences of Dora (Kravchek) Waltman (25 Sep 1898 – 23 Dec 1991), include a discussion of her life in Zhabokrych, Kryzhopil, and Odessa, and in Siroki, Romania from 1898 to 1921, and her subsequent emigration to Toronto, Canada. These memories were recorded and transcribed by her granddaughter Marla Waltman on 26 March 1978 in Toronto , Canada.
To republish this reminiscence, please contact Marla Waltman at

Marla Waltman
Blogpost in Our Ukrainian Odyssey entitled Our Visit to Zhabokrych.

In addition to these links, you will find other information about individuals and families who lived in Zhabokrych on the page entitled Town Life and Residents.

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