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Zhabokrich, Ukraine

Жабокрич, Yкраïна


Modern Zhabokrych

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town entrance

Zhabokrych is surrounded by deciduous forest. For generations, town people have planted and cultivated a variety of fruit trees, including cherry, apple, pear, and nut trees. The trees and the town's pond have been memorialized and passed down to the town's descendants. The pond, created along the Berezhanka River, which flows through the region, is still home to the frogs that gave the town its name — Zhabokrych — 'Frog's Croak'.

For most of its existence, a significant portion of the Zhabokrych population was Jewish. Today, Zhabokrych is devoid of Jews; all that remains to attest to their prior presence is the Jewish cemetery, the former synagogue, and a few forlorn buildings.

The town's Jews, who lived in the center of the village, engaged primarily in trades and crafts — cobblers, coopers, carpenters, and tailors. The town's Jews built at least three synagogues of which one remains, though it no longer serves Jews as a house of prayer. During the Soviet period, the synagogue was an elementary school; in the 1980's, the building was used to manufacture car windows. Currently, the synagogue building stands empty and unused.

house bus shelter horse & wagon
Spektor Family Homestead
Market Square
Bus Stop

Horse Drawn Wagon
former Jewish house Synagogue Synagogue
Former Jewish House
Brzozowski Manor House Grocery Store 'Vizit' Gov't Bldg
Brzozowski Manor House
Grocery Store

Government Building
road from Sokolilvka Former Market Square Road to Jewish Cemetery
Northern Road
from +Sokolilvka

Market Square
Former Site

Road to
Jewish Cemetery2

Former Jewish Home Main St. path to Old Jewish Neighborhood Brzozowski estate mill house
Former Jewish Home
Main Street Path
to Old Jewish

Brzozowski Estate Mill House
Frog Pond Main St. shopping Former Collective Farm
Frog Pond
Main Street

Collective Farm

Former Collective Farm Interior of  Collective Farm Bldg Home in former Jewish area
Collective Farm

Collective Farm
Building Interior

Home in former
Jewish Area

Zhabokrych from hills north of town Interior of  Collective Farm Bldg Home in former Jewish area
Northern Hills View
of Zhabokrych3

Jewish Home
Collective Farm

  1. located along the Kryzhopil-Obodivka Street
  2. North of Podilia Street
  3. Along the Zabolotny Street

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