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Zhabokrich, Ukraine

Жабокрич, Yкраïна



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 Compiled by Marla Waltman

Created 06-25-2016

Revised 06-26-2017

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Gate to
Jewish Cemetery

(Photographs by Marla Waltman, May 2013)

This section contains photographs of tombstones (matzevot) in the Jewish cemetery in Zhabokrych. The graveyard contains tombstones from the earliest years of Zhabokrych, with the last known Hasidic burial in 1993. The residents of Kryzhopil used the Zhabokrych cemetery until 1932, after which Kryzhopil Jews were buried in the Kryzhopil cemetery.
The Zhabokrych Cemetery is eight kilometers east of Kryzhopil, located on an isolated agricultural hillside north of Zhabokrych. The cemetery has no marker; it can be reached by turning directly off the Podilia Road, on the route to Sokolivka. The following map (click to enlarge) shows the Podilia Road (labeled in Russian) and the cemetery (circled in blue), just off the road.

The cemetery is in a clearing, beyond a small stream, on the east side of the Sokolivka Road, shortly after turning off the Podilia Road. The clearing is visible when driving slowly along the road. A photograph of the clearing is at the top of this page (click to enlarge). This is a photograph (click to enlarge) of the nondescript dirt road leading to the cemetery:

Road to Jewish Cemetery

Read the International Jewish Cemetery Project report on the status of the Zhabokrich Jewish Cemetery.

The Zhabokrych tombstones are quite old and most are difficult to read. They have not been translated. If you can help translate the headstones, your assistance would be welcome. Please contact me, Marla Waltman, at Thanks!

Selected Tombstones
from the
Zhabokrych, Ukraine
Jewish Cemetery
(click photos to enlarge)

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(Photographs by Marla Waltman, May 2013)

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