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Wanderings Melamed, Moishe, Filadelfye : Aroysgegebn fun M. Melamed bukh-komitet, (Mid-City Press) 1944- Yiddish autobiographical piece about Jewish life in Ungheni, prior to 1905, the year of the author’s immigration to the U.S.



Never to forget the blessed souls who

Perished as martyrs in my shtetl,

Ungen, Bessarabia, during World War II

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See below the list of names (most without surnames) of Ungheni residents mentioned in the book. The time period covered is 1880 – 1905.

For more information about the book, contact Karen Albert .

Names in Moshe Melamed’s “Wanderings” – Ungheni, 1944

    1. Relatives of author, Moshe Melamed/Malamed:
      1. Miriam Melamed; born Bobele Pearlman, -- wife
      2. Reb Shloyme- grandfather, Shames of the large synagogue
      3. Fruma Rokhl – grandmother
      4. Children of Shloyme and Fruma Rokhl: (Possible last name: Grunberg)
        • Alter - a shoemaker; married to Brokhe (daughter of Rokhl)
        • Elke- married to Moyshe, a writer, both died young- their children:
          • - Eydl, married Yidl, the carpenter
            - Motl
        • Dena –married Khaykl/Ezekiel Malamed/Melamed
        • Khayke- middle daughter; married to Yosl, the baker
        • Nekhame- daughter – had a daughter, Elke married to Yisrol, originally from Skuleni
        • Mendl
        • Zelik - youngest son, a carpenter, married to Soreh-Beyle -their children:
          • - Hershele
            - Leybele
      5. Dena and Khaykl/Ezekiel Melamed/Malamed’s children:
        • Moshe – the author
        • Blond girl – not mentioned after first few pages
        • Mendl /Manya/Emanuel – died in WWI
        • Elka
        • David
        • Lipeh
        • Rachel/Rokhl
        • Hershel
    2. Townspeople:
      • Shimon, a carpenter from Skuleni
      • Yisrol/Isrol (served in Russian military)– Shimon’s son, married to Nekhame
      • Gadl, a baker
      • Hersh Lupatson (in America), friend of Khaykl Melamed
      • Yoneh, a tailor and friend of Khaykl
      • Tsirl, second wife of Shloyme, widow of Shames of the smaller, new synagogue
      • Getsl, son of Tsirl and Shames of the smaller synagogue
      • Reutsi, wife of Getsl
      • Velvl, owner of the yardage store
      • Yakhiel/Yekhiel, ice merchant
      • Rabbi Chaks
      • Falik, the shirtmaker
      • Mendl, the moneylender
      • Rabbi Dovid-Leyzer/David Layzner
      • David Pearlman, father of Bobele/Miriam and Cantor in the new synagogue
      • Rokhl Pearlman, wife of David, mother of Bobele/Miriam
      • Belke, the seamstress
      • Yidl Feldman – had a barn/theater
      • Vasili, the blacksmith
      • Hershele, youngest child of David and Rokhl Pearlman, brother of Bobele/Miriam
      • Zeyd, the coachman

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