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Barkan Family

Seated left to right: Freida and Yankel Barkan; Standing left to right: Daughters, Gisela and Polia, c. 1929, Ungheni
Courtesy of Jodi Paroff

Chaya Laiderwarg - Ungheni, c.1880

Courtesy of Rabbi Mordechai Wecker, Photo is of his great grandmother.

Melamed/Malamed Family

Melamed/Malamed family (c. 1912-1915) Seated left to right: Dena and Ezekiel; Standing left to right (their children): Ruchel/Rose; Emanuel/Manya (killed in WWI); Hershel. Dena, Ruchel, and Hershel emigrated to the U.S. in 1921.

Moshe and Miriam Melamed

Moshe and Miriam Melamed, 1904 around the time of their marriage in Bessarabia, either Kishinev or Ungheni.
Courtesy of Eileen Hallet Stone.

Ungheni 1916

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