Skępe, Poland

Other Names:  Skepe, Skempe (Russian, German) Schemmensee (German, 1942-45)

Location:  5252 N 1921' E             131 km WNW of Warszawa                 26 miles NNW of Płock            Nearby cities:  Lipno, Sierpc

The Skępe Photo Album

Pozmanter Family Home

  Faye visits Skępe

                   Numa and Girls                                      Moskowitz in Poland 

                                Numa and the girls about 1921                                                         Standing in rearZamoskiewicz sisters

Chava, Brana, and Rywka   

    Chava, Brana and Rywka       

                                        Cudkowicz Workers                     Cudkowicz-workers-group.jpg

Nathan Berg (Cudkiewicz)
The Cudkiewicz Family

All Cudkiewicz Photographs courtesy of the Berg Family Album

                        Cudkowicz Group              Rabbi's wife

                      Cudkiewicz Family                                                                        The Rabbi's wife
                                                                                                                                 Photograph courtesy of Yad Vashem

                       Feige and Chava                                                     Cudkowicz siblings

                       Chava and Feige, my great grandmother                                                                           Cudkiewicz Siblings

                        Rabbi                                                                  Pozmanter kids

                  Rabbi Josef Gerlernter of Skępe                                                                             Shimon, Fela and Sarah Pozmanter


Cudkowicz--army                            Sol in army   
Nahum Cudkiewicz, center                                                         Sol Zamoskiewicz

Aron Nusbaum

                            Aron Nusbaum
                    Photograph courtesy of Yad Vashem

                                    and sisters

Sol Burtke and his Sisters
Photograph courtesy of the Brown Family Album

Rubinsztejn Family

The Rubinsztejn Family about 1923-1924
Photograph U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
courtesy of Dora Rubinsztejn Weiner



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