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This website is dedicated to the study and commemoration of Jewish family history
in the town of Skalica, Slovakia, formerly Szakocza,  Hungary.

אתר זה הוקם ומוקדש לחקר והנצחת הקהילה היהודית בסקאליץ, סלובקיה, לשעבר סגאליץ, הונגריה

Stamp of the Jewish Rabbinate of Skalica, 1800s.

  Names:          1773 Szakolcza, Szakolcz, Skalitz, Skalicza; 1786 Skalitz, Szakoltza;1808 Szakoltza, Sakolcinum, Szakolcza, Skalitz, Skalica;

                           1863–1913 Szakolca; 1920– Skalica.

                            Skalitz (German),  Segalitz (Yiddish), Szakolca, Szakolcza (Hungarian).

Location:       Skalica is a small town in the Trnava / Zahorie region, Skalica district in North West Slovakia very near the Czech border and the Morava River.  
                            Skalica is located at 48º50' and 17º13',
60 km SE of Brno and 80 km N of Bratislava. 

1854 map, Skalica in the top North
            - West.
(P1) Austro-Hungary Map from 1910, Skalica (Szakolcza)  at the top North-West of Slovakia.
(copyright ©

                                                                             For a Map of Skalica today:

                                                                                     Skalica page in Facebook:

            Inhabitants:   About 15,000, all Christians.           

         Postal code:   909 01         

 Phone Prefix: 421-34


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North West Slovakia 1854
Skalica pre 1938

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Jewish History:

The earliest known Jewish community in this town was 1398(!):

The Jewish community of Skalica became famous because of a 1398  grave-stone that was discovered in 1814
in a courtyard of a house in Skalica.
It was relocated to the Old Cemetery in Skalica.  Alexander Scheiber describes this amazing discovery in his book:
 "Jewish Inscriptions in Hungary from the 3rd century to 1686

The grave of  Zechariah, the son of R. Yedidyah, died 1398
(p21) copyright © Alexander Scheiber
With permission from Lam Jewish Library Melbourne.

See the complete article by Alexander Scheiber here.

During the 18th century Jews from Moravia settled in Skalica.
They have built the Synagogue that was partially preserved as an outer wall fragment in the municipal fortification.
It can be viewed in vicinity of the Romanesque St. George rotunda. (click here for images of the synagogue).

The Jewish cemetery was established in first half of 19th century with last known Jewish burial before 1944. (2)

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Jewish Birth Marriage Death records from Skalica, 1833 - 1910
are viewable online in familysearch website!
There is no index, so you need to browse through the records.
Click here to view the online records.

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Exclusive to this website:

1. Jewish population
from: The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP):

1848:  232 Jews out of 6,389 ( 5,264 Catholics, 893 Evangelists) = 3.6% of the population
1880:  280
1910:  163
1921:  124
1930:  104
1940:   86
1948:     0
No Jews have been living in Skalica since the Holocaust.

2. lists of early Jewish settlers in Skalica. click here to view.
from: The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP).

Jewish Cemetery:
see also in (2).

There are two Jewish cemeteries in Skalica, the Old and the New. Click here to see location on maps, 1938 and today, of both cemeteries.

The old Jewish cemetery, founded in the late 17th century, lies in the vicinity of St. George Rotunda, the fortification of Skalica.
In addition to the current area, the cemetery was also on the site of adjacent parking lot.(8). See next two photos:

(P3) Skalica Old Jewish cemetery 2014, with the Rotunda Svateho Juraja on top.
Click (and scroll down the page) for more images of the Old cemetery.

copyright © Wikimedia foundation



With permission from the  National Széchényi Library - Hungarian Electronic Library
from the 1898 book:
Nyitra vármegye / [szerk. Sziklay János, Borovszky Samu]
Skalica (Szakolcza) view pre 1898, 115 years earlier than the  picture above it:
  The old Jewish Cemetery at left bottom of the photo ,
 spreading down the slope from the St. George Rotunda along the wall until under the Synagogue building where the car park is nowadays. 


(P5) Skalica New Jewish cemetery.
Click (and scroll down the page) for more images of the New cemetery.

copyright © Wikimedia foundation

Holocaust lists and names:  Click here

For further information about Skalica Jewish community, please view
: JewishGen Community Page.

To research your family from Skalica in JewishGen, please visit:  JewishGen Hungary Database.

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