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Slavic tribes settled in skalica region during the 7th -9th century. First ever written mentioned of Szacolcza is in 1217 (4)
Coat of arm from the 13th century. In 1431 a Hospital was founded. After 1945 started industrial, cultural and sports development.
(P2) Skalica view about 1900? (copyright ©

     Near the remnants of one of Skalica's city walls is one of Slovakia's oldest works of construction, the Romanesque Rotunda of St. George.
     Although its exact date of origin is unknown, it was constructed by the 12th century at the latest.
Baroque dome was attached to it in the 17th century. The city has several churches, including a Jesuit church and monastery,
     the 15th century Parish Church of 
St. Michael, and the 15th century Franciscan church and monastery.
     Other sights are Skalica's Late 
Renaissance town hall and the Skalica Culture House built in the Art Nouveau with elements of Czech and Slovak folklore. (5)

     A popular pastry called Trdelník is made in Skalica. Now sold all over the Slovak and Czech Republics, this unusual "stove-pipe" shaped pastry has its origins in Transylvania (10).

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