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Shavl - שאַװל

Šiauliai, Lithuania

55°56' N, 23°19' E

Other names: Shavl, Shavli, Schaulen, Szawle, Šauļi, Schavli, Shaulyai, Shawli, Shiaulai, Silaliai, Šiaulių

This website collects information about the Jewish community of Šiauliai, Lithuania, known as Shavl in Yiddish. The community numbered almost 10,000 out of about 17,000 in 1902. At this period, it was already the 3rd most populous city in Lithuania, lying at a major road and railway junction. It was known for its leather industry, and was home to the biggest leather factory in the Russian Empire (owned by Chaim Freinkl). In 1915 the entire Jewish community was expelled by order of the Tsar, but many returned again when allowed to do so in the early 20's. The community was decimated during the Shoah: of 8,000 Jews still living in Shavl in 1941, only 500 survived. Only a handful of Jews remain there today.

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Anecdotal material

  • Family Histories and photos (please feel free to contribute)
  • Selected excerpts about Shavl from "Adventures of Life" the memoir of Pauline Podlashuk, born in Shavl in 1881, up to and including her last visit in 1923.
  • Through the Eye of the Needle, the memoir of Meyer Kron, born in Shavl in 1905 and describing life there including the German occupation, his daring escape, and life under the Soviet occupation
  • What Makes Babey Run?, the memoir of Babey Widutschinsky-Trepman, born in Shavl in August, 1924 and describing life under the German occupation and in the concentration camps


  • Coordinates: 55°56' N, 23°19' E
  • 26 miles NE of Kelme (Kelm)
  • 42 miles WNW of Panevėžys (Ponevezh)
  • 74.9 miles NNW of Kaunas (Kovno)
  • 116.7 miles NW of Vilnius (Vilna)

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Information about the different districts, countries the town belonged at different periods in its history may be found here.


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U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

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